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Electronic design by Electric Innovation

We have expertise in analogue, digital and mixed-signal electronic design. If you're looking to develop a prototype for a new idea or solve issues with an existing design, we can help.

We work with you to produce a detailed specification based on your requirements and then produce new designs and prototype PCBs for your idea. We can also help you plan and implement production and product support on both small and large scales.

Alternatively, you may have an existing design that you want to revise or update. We can help you resolve design or product support issues or provide a complete product redesign.

When developing a new design, we can:

  • Help you develop a detailed product specification
  • Determine which standards the design must meet
  • Produce a design meeting the specification and relevant standards
  • Help you develop and implement a plan for producing the product in larger quantities

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Electrical expertise

We have an in-depth understanding of electrical engineering. Whether you are interested in motors, generators or have issues with the quality of your supply, we can help.

Our engineers have worked on a wide range of electrical projects and have experience working with motors, renewable generation, grid voltage control and energy storage for both on- and off-grid applications.

We have worked with both AC and DC electrical supplies and our electrical team have the expertise and qualifications to provide you with the electrical solutions you need.

We can offer:

  • Power quality and efficiency consultancy services
  • Custom electrical circuit design and implementation
  • Control and automation, including PLCs, motors and drives

enclosures & panels

Enclosure and control panel solutions

When designing a new electronic product, the product packaging can be as important as what's inside, not just aesthetically, but functionally as well. A poor enclosure design can be detrimental to product safety and reliability.

We can build custom enclosures to meet your requirements, however harsh an environment you need your product to work in. We are also able to design and build custom control and instrumentation panels for a wide range of applications. We understand both the mechanical and electrical importance of enclosure design.

Whether you require a product to be watertight or to have high noise immunity, we can help. We can design and build simple control panels, basic handheld enclosures or housings that are tolerant to high temperatures and humidity.

We can select and work with the most appropriate materials for your needs, whether that's plastic, steel or aluminium. We can also resolve issues such as product shielding, insulation, waterproofing and particle ingress protection.

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